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None of the four other newsprint plants in the region supports them, Ewert said. Lewisburg Man Charged With Assault By Leah Tuckwiller William Stephen Feury, 25, of Lewisburg, has been charged with unlawful assault, three counts of assault, brandishing a deadly weapon, destruction of property, and domestic battery following an incident on Thursday, August 9.

The International Trade Commission will make a final injury determination in its own investigation in August The current tariffs are preliminary, but the Commerce Department is slated to make its final decision on the question by Aug. The little guys I print, they have a hard time to pay my bills, some of them.

No single Norpac paper will shut them down. Results NORPAC now also has a high availability cluster of three virtual machines improving reliability and redundancy. News Media Alliance said that the shift of advertising dollars from print to digital had caused demand for newsprint to Norpac paper, and said the drop in demand for US goods was unrelated to price of goods from Canada.

Now, newspapers across the country, which rely on low-cost newsprint made from groundwood, are bracing for impactNPR reported. While the tariffs will hurt big newspapers like The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, they will hit smaller local newspapers — already reeling from falling print ad revenue — the hardest.

The North Pacific Paper Co. Nevertheless, Commerce determined that Norpac represented a sufficient portion of the industry to investigate its claims. Page 6 of Prior to the upgrade, he notes that it was sometimes challenging to train IT employees on the system because it was not user -friendly.

Some newspapers had dropped print editions several days a week as a result of the higher prices, while others laid off staff to deal with the cost pressure.

A final decision is contingent on negotiations with our employee unions, which are currently under way. The tariffs would have become permanent if the ITC ruled there was material harm to other US mills because of any breaks the Canadian mills were receiving from their government.

The agency quickly imposed Canadian Newsprint Tariffs — duties of 32 percent in an effort to rebalance the equation. On Tuesday, the U. On Wednesday, the ITC contradicted those findings, freeing newspapers from price spikes for newsprint in recent months that had gone as high as 30 percent.

Newspapers might well need new legislation. Trouble ahead for newspapers Newspapers across the country, many of which were struggling prior to the new groundwood duties, are less than enthused. Canada has 25 mills that still make newsprint, but there are only five such mills — including the employee Norpac facility in Longview — left in the U.

Craig Anneberg, the CEO of Norpac, thanked the Department of Commerce earlier this month for its decision, saying that "Canadian producers have been engaged in unfair trade practices, which harm American workers and cause material injury to our industry.

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Industry observers say some of that price increase is due to a recent alignment between supply and demand, which has allowed domestic producers to raise prices. NORPAC was looking to modernize the hardware and software interfaces to their host computer applications.


Newsprint is a major cost for newspapers: Myers stated that the man appeared to be under the includnce of Norpac paper and was carrying a white sack with unknown contents as he headed for Hundley Road.

Although the Department of Commerce revised the tariffs to lower levels, Chavern said they still "would have been unsustainable for newspapers, other printers and publishers and printers. The underwriting lasts long enough for the airport to determine whether or not the flight would be profitable once the extra funds are gone; the goal of these programs is to allow the airport to experiment and create new flights without taking a financial burden if a flight fails.

That all changed earlier this year, he says, when duties of up to 30 per cent were slapped on imported Canadian newsprint, causing costs to suddenly spike in a still-teetering business. International Trade Commission — which adjudicates complaints about foreign exporters — held a day of hearings on the issue, with testimony from Canadian and American paper makers, newspapers, and an unusual, bi-partisan parade of 19 congressmen all opposed to the duties.

Commerce is expected to release its decision on additional anti-dumping duties in early March, and the department is scheduled to announce its final determination in its countervailing duties investigation in late May. The Indiana Gazette is looking at eliminating three to five positions from a workforce of about 40, said Donnelly.

ABB would also supply software engineering services to help readdress interface databases to make use of the updated system components. On Tuesday, the U. So newspapers are reducing their size by four to eight pages at a time, and shrinking staffs. With the tariffs in place, the company announced in May it was hiring 50 new employees and re-starting an idled paper-making machine.

Stakeholders in the industry expressed their displeasure during the early days of the initial DOC investigation, lobbying Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to reconsider duties of any amount in a letter attributed to the News Media Alliance, an organization representing more than 2, local papers across the U.North Pacific Paper Co., or NORPAC, complained to the U.S.

Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission that Canadian newsprint mills, which produce much of the newsprint consumed in America, are engaging in unfair trade practices, including government loan subsidies and harvesting of trees on government land. Before steel tariffs, before China tariffs, the duties imposed by the U.S.

government on “uncoated groundwood paper” from Canada marked one of the first dramatic parries by the Trump. North Pacific Paper Co., or NORPAC, complained to the U.S.

Tariffs on imported newsprint nixed in win for US newspapers

Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission that Canadian newsprint mills, which produce much of. Critics of the paper tariffs say the businesses that will ultimately be harmed are not Canadian paper producers, but U.S.

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